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 +My feeling is that it's assuring me that angels are round me and my state of affairs after I see it repeatedly at occasions (as a result of there are occasions I don't see it in any respect), however right now I am bombarded by it, I mean cars bounce in entrance of me in traffic and it is on their license plates, I awake at four:44 am, I get calls at that time, and on & on & on. I want I might be assured of what God is trying to tell me proper now after I see it.
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 +Ogólnie z samą Delicją mam mało filmów co jestem trochę zła, bo kumpela nie ogarniała kamerki i zamiast mi powiedzieć po prostu ją wyłączyła :( Tak więc niestety nie mam filmiku co się działo po jeździe, a wtedy Delicja mnie lizała i próbowała zdjąć ze mnie kurtkę :) Ogólnie myślę, że mnie poznała.
 +Il Bonus di benvenuto consiste in un bonus istantaneo (immediatamente utilizzabile per il gioco) di importo pari al 50% del deposito effettuato, per un valore massimo di €100, che verrà accreditato immediatamente dopo il primo deposito effettuato dal giocatore.
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