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August 7, 2011 Throwing Style: RHBHYears Playing: 2Average Distance: 250 Buzzz, Roc, now the Core. The Core is a do everything minadrge. It is stable and will fly dead straight on 250+ drives from a slight hyzer. The core will hold upshot hyzer lines as well as anhyzer lines, but will need some power to hold the anhyzer lines.The disc has a good amount of glide as it always fades forward when it slows down. The fade on this disc is minimal, which makes it great for pinpoint upshots and short drives up to 250 feet. You shouldn't have any problem with the disc turning and burning, but it will show your form flaws when you do mess up.The only drawback is the run consistency. There are some cores that have a small dome, huge pop top dome only in the middle of the disc, and ones that have a big gradual dome. All of these runs have slightly differing stability, but still close enough to get the job done. I personally have two different cores of differing runs in my bag, one that is stable and one that is slightly less stable.Well-loved.

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