QLightPad is a small text editor unpretentious free to edit text and .html simple to import .rtf simple and small as ASCII text.

It allows you to place the anchors, links, images to create small simple websites.

Are not supported or the 'frames' or tables, let alone the advanced sophistication of web pages dialers …..

I needed to have a small Linux editor like Wordpad on Windows, to get my .rtf documents

If this can be used for something, well, you use ….

QLightPad also works under Windows, where it was compiled successfully. Only the Linux installation will be described.


You need an environment that can compile programs QT:

  • QT version> = 3.1.2 installed version development therefore includes the directories and files in QT headers. Am going with.
  • Tools that QT qmake, uic, moc, etc. ….
  • GCC 3.2 and all the traditional tools like make and so basic.

In short you need a machine that can compile programs QT.


Extract the archive. Zip or tar.gz

  1. Download the archive and place QLightPad (. Zip or tar.gz) in the directory of your choice.
  2. Open a console in the directory of your choice (for the lazy, CTRL T with Konqueror in the right directory)
  3. Type: / / tar-zxvf qlightpad.tar.gz / / for files with the. Tar.gz
  4. / / Unzip qlightpad.zip / / for files with the. Zip

This will create directories with the following hierarchy:


                    / Qlightpad_dev
                                  / MedinTuxTools
                                  / Qlightpad / src
                                            / Bin
                                                / QLightPadSys

Compiling the program with the miserable setup

  1. Open a console (it should already be open if you followed the previous step).
  2. Change to the directory: qlightpad_dev / cd qlightpad_dev
  3. Then type:. / Setup

and normally, this should create and launch QLightPad!

Compiling the program step by step

Open a console Change to the directory: qlightpad_dev / qlightpad / src type: code> bash command>

qmake src.pro
make clean
rm Makefile
cd .. / bin
strip-s QLightPad

</ Code>

If all goes well, this should create the directory: / qlightpad_dev / qlightpad / bin

And the executable file as follows: QLightPad.

And now, it is he who is to run!

test it with for example the following command: . / QLightPad .. / QLightPadSys / Welcome.html

In the same directory as the executable, there must be directory: / QLightPadSys containing the file: QLightPad.png

I leave you to copy the executable: QLightPad with his repertoire: QLightPadSys to the location of your choice, and if you want to delete the directory created: qlightpad_dev

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