MedinTux Documentation

The documentation of MedinTux is features as a Wiki. So you can easily find what you are looking for, but also get involved in the editing of the documentation. To do so, you can edit every page by clicking on the top button “Edit this page” or even create new page !

You'll find here all necessary informations to start the editing of the wiki.

Main summary of the documentation

Please pay attention to create your new pages in some Veillez à placer vos nouvelles pages dans des namespaces when it's possible. Namespaces are alike folders and let us order pages in a logical way. The Wiki index will get benefit too.
In order to avoid endless pages, don't hesitate to split and place your content in new sub-pages, logically ordered in the same namespace and linked to you main page.
In order to translate or create english content, please take care to do so in the following namespace /en
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