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 +(Image: [[http://​media4.picsearch.com/​is?​4MpJJMs1Nivv7T6QJq3TlO7GpwYgssLarNIFcCx0lYs&​height=226|http://​media4.picsearch.com/​is?​4MpJJMs1Nivv7T6QJq3TlO7GpwYgssLarNIFcCx0lYs&​height=226]])Slot machines have at all times entertained us to a convincing degree. As an alternative,​ the ANC was compelled to focus its efforts on control of the state and to appease capital. Lasagne byla pycha, moj side byl bardzo pozytywnie zaskoczony :) troszeczke sie rozlatywala,​ ale nast razem dodam mniej mleka po prostu ; a no i te platki makaronu sie sklejaja, nawet jesli dodalam oliwy do wrzatku.
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