Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok waited a long time for its very own rooftop bar, and then finally one came along and showed the rest of them how it should really be done. Octave Rooftop and Lounge is more than a place for watching the sunset or having a romantic meal. No rooftop bar in the city has a 360 degree view of Bangkok that matches this, and the top floor of this three level venue is the highest spot in the city for a party. Starting on the 45th floor of the Marriot Hotel Sukhumvit, a three minute walk from Thong Lor Skytrain Station, Octave Rooftop Bar and Lounge opens at 17:00. Read More…

Venom, a nightclub on Camac Street sprawled across 3,500sq ft, switched off the music in 2012. The reasons? The Cinderella deadline, falling footfall and high rental and liquor costs. We had to shut down Venom because there was a drop in business by 70 per cent after the new rules were enforced. The nightclub covered a huge space and we could not afford to run it,“ admits owner Bunty Sethi.

Ok, so Goa's not a city, but rather a state. Still, there's little doubt it belongs right at the top of the list of top nightlife areas of India. Goa has for been a major centre of Trance music, which gradually shifted to EDM. With projects like Sunburn, Supersonic, Soma, Oktober Fest and many others coming into the picture, the nightlife scene has escalated drastically. Now, one can indulge in music ranging from rock and roll, retro, blues, jazz, Bollywood, and of course EDM, complimented by inexpensive alcohol. The up-and-coming hangouts include Cheenos, Soma Project at Teso, Cafe Lilliput, Tintin, Curlies, UV Bar, 9 Bar, Sinq, LPK Waterfront, Club Cubana, Hendrix, Aurem 88, Art Escape, Mojos, Down the Road, Cavala and of course the major group of clubs at Tito's lane like Cape Town, Tito's, Mambo's, Kamaki, etc. The list is endless. And so we rate Goa to be the Numero Uno destination for ecstatic nightlife scenes in the country.

Popular nightspots in Bangalore include The Pub World, The Underground, Guzzlers Inn, The Night Watchman, Take 5, Scottish Pub, Pecos, Cheers, High Octane, The Pub, Crossroads, 19th Church Street, 180 Proof, The Brigade Pub, Purple Haze and Oasis. While Pecos, Guzzlers Inn and Purple Haze are favourite spots for youth, The Night Watchman and 180 Proof are family orientated places. Bars close at 11 p.m. but some restaurants stay open till midnight. There are some 24 hrs joint as well: Potuck Café, Southern Comfort, The Central Park, Lanai and Coorg.

Meet others who are interested in local Night Life. Back in the day, pubs in Bangalore were famed for their laidbackness. Soft music and cold beer flowed in union. This place here takes you back there. An old-school rock feel with guitars on the walls, a few bikes on the wall as well (yes, proper motorbikes) and several interesting posters. This place is also known for its adherence to retro rock music as well as its draught beer dispensers attached to every table.

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