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 +This text will review three [[http://​​wiki/​Charles%20town|Charles town]] wv eating places, namely the Dish, the Turf Rib Room, and the Mediterranean Cafe. With an approval ranking of round thirteen% to 16% it seems that many do not care for the way Congress does it is enterprise.(1) But we appear to re-elect them from a low 82% to ninety three% charge.(2) I've to ask the place the disconnect is other than ignorance or just plain apathy.
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 +Where the check was real she thought that I used to be being a '​hater'​ after I stated do not money it. She is not in my house and I hope that she did not money it. I do not recall the company but the financial institution was Commerce ans it seems to be precisely just like the one posted initially of this post.
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 +There have been about 20 of them in the cramped front room, all identically dressed in green gingham short-sleeved smocks, sitting on two long wooden benches in entrance of a pine counter with empty shelves behind it. There have been no baked items to be seen and  [[http://​​index.php?​mod=users&​action=view&​id=1047380|]] no signal marketed what the group did.
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