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 +Wandel eender welk casino binnen en je aandacht gaat automatisch en onmiddellijk uit naar de flitsende lichten en uitnodigende geluiden van de gokkasten bij de ingang. A także przypominam,​ że co kilka tygodni będę wrzucał dla was krótkie poradniki mojego autorstwa na temat obserwacji kursu, analizy technicznej,​ psychologii tłumu abyście mieli pełną samodzielność obserwacji giełdy, świadomość tego co się dzieje i dlaczego.
 +That is what happened with the Hulkageddon , a periodic player-run occasion by which people suicide gank as many defenseless mining ships as doable to compete for prizes The event was [[http://​​s=declared|declared]] to not be harassment and has turn  [[http://​​index.php?​mod=users&​action=view&​id=1056210|Suggested Browsing]] into a part of EVE's gaming culture.
 +But in ANc's case, what we are additionally witnessing is a group of powerful potentates who are hell-bnet on defending every thing wrong that's pointed out to them, and in cases that this is not quelled, they resort to intimidation,​ isolation, assassinations(which will be dealt with below) and plenty of other covert actions which have a chilling effect on its intended victims, and a free reign for the ANC.
 +The first night we noticed a one and a half-hour skilled production of the play, Hairspray."​ You'll have seen the film the place John Travolta, in drag, performs the morbidly obese mother of the teen girl who wants to bounce on a Dick Clark-impressed TV program.
 +Even if the ANC were to attempt to spin this otherwise, breaking the law has been their creed, and implementing and enforcing the rules on corruption, political malfeasance,​ maladministration,​ ineptness, cronyism, nepotism and basic disregard for human rights of their polity and decency-has been missing and absent for the previous 20 years.
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